Vegetarian Menu


素 菜 喜 宴
Vegetarian Menu

Advanced Order Required (預訂)

$618.00 Per table of 10 People
($340.00 Half table for 5 People)


錦 繡 齋 拼 盤
Vegetarian Assortments Platter

十 八 羅 漢 齋
Vegetarian Delight

金 湯 燴 素 翅
Braised Vegetarian Fish Fin in Pumpkin Soup

鮑 脯 花 膠 遼 參
Braised Vegetarian Abalone & Sea Cucumber, Mushroom

菠 蘿 咕 嚕 豆 腐 粒
Sweet & Sour Crusted Tofu with Pineapples

雙 菇 扒 津 白
Stewed Napa Cabbage with Mixed Mushrooms

香 酥 荔 茸 魚
Deep Fried Mashed Taro in Fish Shape

佛 門 伊 麵
Braised Soft Noodles

幸 福 炒 絲 苗
Fried Rice with Vegetarian

百 年 好 合
Warm Puree of Red Beans with Lily